Book Release! Where Will You Turn? Book 3 of the Dion Series

YES! It’s finally here! Where Will You Turn? Book Three of the Díon Series is now live on Amazon and Nook. Thank you all for being so patient. I’m really excited about this book. I don’t normally say that about my writing, but I am so happy with the way this book turned out. I thought this was going to be the last book in the series, but now I’m not so sure. Plus, my editor threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t write books for Bohdan and Pierce. She said “Please, please, please!” That’s three pleases! How can I say no?

This series will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first one I started writing. The characters seem like family to me, and I’m not sure I can leave them just yet.

To the fans of this series: You are amazing! Your comments and encouragement mean the world to me. It makes me smile and keeps me focused. Thank you for all your Facebook shares and tweets! Muah! XOXOXO

 WWYT cover

You can get your copy on



Barnes and Noble/Nook

Book Signing in Dallas!

That’s right! I’m going to be heading to Dallas, Texas in October for a book signing. I’m really excited about this one because I will be joining a bunch of other authors there for some fun and sight seeing as well. The book signing will be held on Saturday, 10/12/13, at Half Price Books 5803 E. Northwest Hwy, Dallas, Texas. If you can make it out there, I would love to meet you. Plus there will be a ton of other authors there from all different genres. Check out this post at for a list of the other authors who will be attending.

In book news, Where Will You Hide? is now available in paperback on Amazon! I’ve also been writing like crazy. I’m over halfway finished with the third book in my Dion series. The working title is Where Will You Turn?  After the release of The Rustler’s Daughter, I had numerous request from readers to write books for Jackson’s two brothers — Matthew and Lucas. I’ve been working on Matthew’s book and even have a chapter for Lucas’s book. I have a couple of other writing projects going…more news on those later.

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Book News for May 2013

Great news! The new book cover for Where Will You Hide? is here! It’s slowly making it’s way onto Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but you get to see it here first!

WWYH new cover


In other news…I published a short story suspense/thriller called Basement Games. It’s available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It’s pretty creepy, and not like anything I’ve published so far, so you’ve been warned…

Basement ebook

*WARNING* – This short story contains mature language and graphic descriptions of violence. Story length: Approximately 3400 words/16 pages.

John likes to play wicked games in his basement. He found his latest plaything, Lisa, on an internet dating site and has been working on gaining her trust. He just has to make it through tonight and then he can set his plan in motion. Let the Basement Games begin.

New Covers, Paperbacks, and an Award Nomination!


Here’s what’s going on in May. First, I’m getting new covers for my Dion series books. I have the new cover for Where Will You Run? up on Amazon for the Kindle version. I will be uploading the new cover to Createspace for the paperbacks this week. I will also be changing the cover for the Nook version on Barnes and Noble. Here is the new cover!

WhereWillYouRun new cover

I should have the new cover for Where Will You Hide? by the end of this month. I’ll share as soon as it is available!

Also, the paperback version of The Rustler’s Daughter is now available on Amazon. That cowboy looks even hotter with a glossy finish! :D



Last, but not least, Where Will You Run? has been nominated in the eFestival of Books Awards category for The Harvey Award for the Book We Most Want to See Made into a Movie!


New Release! The Rustler’s Daughter

I am happy to announce the release of my latest book, The Rustler’s Daughter, a historical/western romance. This book is definitely different from my Dion series, which falls in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. I wanted to try something new, and I have always been a fan of classic romance and westerns. Not to worry though, I am currently working on the third book in the Dion series!


When Hannah Miller’s mother dies unexpectedly, she is forced to go live with her father, who she thought was dead. Hannah has high hopes that her father will be happy to finally meet her, but Roy Miller quickly puts Hannah in her place. She is a burden, just another mouth to feed, and an ugly reminder of the wife who left him.

Her father’s act of desperation puts Hannah at the mercy of his enemies, the neighboring Scott family. Despite the bad blood between their families, Hannah is immediately attracted to Jackson Scott, but he has his own secrets and feels Hannah would be better off with someone else. When someone else does offer Hannah a way out of her predicament, will Jackson be able put aside his past and fight for the woman he loves?

Ebook available on:


Barnes and Noble

Paperback coming to Amazon in March 2013

I’m Here!

So I got this great book called “How to Make a Website or Blog Without Coding Using WordPress, by Mike Omar. Since I’m not very tech savvy, I wanted to give it a try. My only concern was that it might look like a WordPress blog and not a website. Imagine the look on my face when I got it all installed and it looked like a WordPress blog and not a website. Dramatic sigh. Oh well…

I’m still working on it little by little. Hopefully, I will be able to make it look more and more like a website…or not. At least it’s a start!

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