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When Hannah Miller’s mother dies unexpectedly, she is forced to go live with her father, who she thought was dead. Hannah has high hopes that her father will be happy to finally meet her, but Roy Miller quickly puts Hannah in her place. She is a burden, just another mouth to feed, and an ugly reminder of the wife who left him.

Her father’s act of desperation puts Hannah at the mercy of his enemies, the neighboring Scott family. Despite the bad blood between their families, Hannah is immediately attracted to Jackson Scott, but he has his own secrets and feels Hannah would be better off with someone else. When someone else does offer Hannah a way out of her predicament, will Jackson be able put aside his past and fight for the woman he loves?

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Basement ebook


*WARNING* – This short story contains mature language and graphic descriptions of violence. Story length: Approximately 3400 words/16 pages

John likes to play wicked games in his basement. He found his latest plaything, Lisa, on an internet dating site and has been working on gaining her trust. He just has to make it through tonight and then he can set his plan in motion. Let the Basement Games begin.

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