For as long as I can remember, writing has been my escape. When I was younger, I poured out volumes of poetry mixed in with a few short stories. Once I got into high school, I focused on writing and literature classes. In my senior year, I was invited to take Creative Writing. I absolutely loved that class and the teacher. So much so, I decided to become a high school English teacher myself.

I started out in junior college, taking every writing and literature course I could fit in. I graduated with my A.A., and transferred to a four year college as an English major in the teaching credential program. Honestly, the professors there were brutal. I started to doubt my choices and even my writing. Once I hit the teaching part, I realized one thing – I wasn’t cut out to be a teacher. I hated it. Kudos to teachers.

I was putting myself through college by working with severely developmentally disabled adults at the state hospital, which got me interested in psychology. I decided to take a semester off from English and work on some psychology classes, so I could have a psychology minor. I never went back. I finished college with a B.A. in psychology with an English minor.

I worked in the field for awhile before realizing a B.A. in psychology wouldn’t get me very far, so I went to graduate school to get my Master’s degree. I was also working full time, and newly married with some other life issues, so graduate school nearly killed me. When I finished my thesis and graduated, I was brain fried. I didn’t want to read or write ever again. And for a long while, I didn’t write or read anything that wasn’t work related.

One afternoon I was in Barnes and Noble with my husband, who is a rabid sci-fi reader, and he suggested that I pick up a book to read for fun. He said “You like vampires and creepy stuff. Why don’t you look in the paranormal section?” He dragged me over there, and I stumbled upon Kim Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking, and I was hooked. I started devouring paranormal books. I shared books and favorite authors with my sister and best friend who also loved the genre.

A few summers ago, my sister, best friend, and I were sitting out in my gazebo talking about our favorite books, when I decided to share a few of my own story ideas with them. When I finished, they both threatened me to hurt me if I didn’t write those books. Their enthusiasm (translation: badgering) got me moving. I started writing Where Will You Run? Through that process, I rediscovered my absolute passion for writing, and the rest is history…

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